How to Print

With Colonial Printing you can print from anywhere on or off campus, and even from your mobile device. Discover how to print.

Follow these eight steps to print at a kiosk from your computer.

  1. Log in to your GW email
  2. Attach a Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) or PDF document(s)
    • Colonial Printing kiosks only print on letter size paper (8.5”x11”). Please format your document to this size before printing.
  3. Specify any print options on the first line of the email body:
    • Color for color prints. Default is black and white.
    • Duplex for double-sided prints. Default is single-sided.
  4. Send email to [email protected]. wepa will place your files in your account or a Guest account.
    • If you send the email from a non-GW email account, it will be placed in a Guest account
  5. You will receive an email reply when your files are ready for release. Visit any kiosk on campus and touch the screen to start.
  6. Insert your GWorld card, enter a release code, or login with your NetID to download your print jobs from the cloud
  7. Select the file to print and your payment method
  8. Collect your print job