Where to Print

PLEASE NOTE: Access to campus buildings is controlled to GW students, faculty, and staff who have permission to be on campus. Since all print kiosks are located inside GW buildings, printing is not available to those not authorized to be on campus. 
Colonial Printing kiosks are available in these convenient locations.
Black and white printing only. = Black and white printing only
This kiosk is wheelchair accessible = This kiosk is wheelchair accessible
Wepa scan icon = This kiosk scans
Foggy Bottom Campus (map)
1776 G St (map) Basement
1957 E St (map) 3rd Floor
1959 E St (map) - Residents Only 11th Floor
2000 Penn (map) - SMHS Students Only 2nd Floor
2109 F St (map) Lobby
Amsterdam Residence Hall (map) - Residents Only 1st Floor
The Aston (map) - Residents Only 1st Floor
Chareles E. Smith Center (map) Academics 1st Floor
Corcoran Hall (map) 1st Floor
The Dakota (map) Lobby
District House (map) Lower Level (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible)
Duques Hall (map) 1st Floor Atrium, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor
Flagg Building (map) Basement, 1st Floor Lounge
Francis Scott Key (FSK) Hall (map) - Residents Only Basement Floor
Fulbright Hall (map) - Residents Only 1st Floor (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible)
Gelman Library (map) 1st Floor, Entrance Floor (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible Wepa scan icon), 3rd Floor, 4th Floor (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible), 7th Floor (Wepa scan icon)
Guthridge Hall (map) - Residents Only Basement Lounge
Hall of Government (map) 1st Floor Lobby
International House (map) - Residents Only Basement Lounge 
Jacob Burns Law Library (map) - Law Students Only 1st Floor Library Alcove, Room 205 (This kiosk is wheelchair accessibleBlack and white printing only.)
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Hall (map) - Residents Only 1st Floor
Lafayette Hall (map) 1st Floor Lobby
Law Learning Center (map) - Law Students Only Common Area (Black and white printing only)
University Student Center (map) Ground Floor Lounge, Room 433A (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible), 1st Floor Stairway H Street Entrance (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible)
Media & Public Affairs Building (map) 3rd Floor Lounge
Milken Institute School of Public Health (map) 2nd Floor Lobby
Mitchell Hall (map) - Residents Only 1st Floor Lobby
Munson Hall (map) Lobby
Potomac House (map) - Residents Only 1st Floor
Rome Hall (map) 1st Floor Lobby
Ross Hall (map) - SMHS Students Only Room 100 (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible), 3rd Floor
Science and Engineering Hall (map) Lower Level 1, Ground Floor (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible), 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor
Shenkman Residence Hall (map) - Residents Only 1st Floor
South Residence Hall (map) - Residents Only 1st Floor
Stuart Hall (map) - Law Students Only Room 203
Thurston Hall (map) Basement
Tompkins Hall (map) Main Entrance, 4th Floor


Mount Vernon Campus (map)

Ames Hall (map) 1st Floor Lobby
Eckles Library (map) 1st Floor Main Area (Wepa scanner icon), Room 113 (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible)
West Residence Hall (map)

B1 Pelham Commons

Somers Hall (map) 1st Floor Lobby 


Virginia Science and Technology Campus (map)

Discovery Hall 1st Floor
Enterprise Hall (map) 1st Floor Lobby, Library 179 (Wepa scan icon)
Innovation Hall (map) Student Lounge
Innovation Hall (map) 1st Floor Lobby (This kiosk is wheelchair accessible)


Alexandria Campus (map)
Graduate Education Center (map) Suite 200 Lobby and Mac Lab


Arlington Campus (map)
Graduate Education Center (map) Suite 600 Right and Left Wing